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Initial Consultation


During your initial podiatry consultation, our experienced podiatrist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation discussing your medical history, examining your feet, and addressing any concerns. Our goal is to provide you with an accurate diagnosis, personalized treatment recommendations, and a clear plan for improving your foot health and overall well-being.

General routine treatment

£65 - 30 Minutes

£80 - 45 Minutes

£95 - 60 Minutes

Our routine podiatry treatment is designed to keep your feet in optimal condition. During this session, our skilled podiatrist will assess your feet and perform a general clean up. This is pain free treatment that gets rid of slight bits of hard skin, long but not thick nails and maybe a corn or 2.

Full Medical Pedicure

£95 - 60 Minutes

Our Full Medical Pedicure is a comprehensive and rejuvenating foot care experience that combines the best of medical expertise and cosmetic refinement. This specialized treatment is designed to address both the health and appearance of your feet to bring them back to life! We perform full debridement as well as filing skin and nails. This is for large hard skin and thick nails. We end off with a refreshing cream to leave you with long lasting great feet

Verruca treatment

£65 - 30 Minutes

Addressing a viral skin infection often requires treatments that go beyond the scope of over-the-counter remedies. Our approach is firmly grounded in one of the highest echelons of dermatological care. We are committed to taking the necessary time to carefully elucidate each stage of the treatment process. Weekly follow ups are compulsory after treatment has begun

Nail surgery

£350 - 1 Foot

£450 - 2 Feet

Ingrown toenails can be tedious and annoying so if you are tired of conservative treatment we have a long term treatment that can stop your ingrown from growing back. During your initial consultation you will be given all the necessary information about the procedure, all questions will be answered, consent will be given and post-care information will be agreed upon. Weekly follow ups are compulsory after procedure

Nail surgery follow up


Redressing is needed to clean out the area properly as well as ensure there are no side effects. This is to be booked and paid for before the procedure

Biomechanical assessment/Gait Analysis

£95 - 60 Minutes

Biomechanical examination is a specialized assessment that is performed to evaluate a person’s alignment/joint mobility. We compare different angles to compare it to normal values. Gait analysis evaluates how a person walks by examining movement patterns. This assessment is important in designing a custom made orthotics/insole.

Custom made insoles

£350 - 100%

£175 - 50% Deposit

Ultrasound and strapping

£65 - 1 Foot - 30 Minutes

£80 - 2 Foot - 60 Minutes

Ultrasound therapy is a medical treatment that uses high-frequency sound waves to promote healing and reduce pain in soft tissues and muscles. It is done on a sessional basis every 3 days. Patients are said to feel relief after the second session. Strapping is done to support and offload the muscle after treatment is performed

Fungal nail test


Waiting for results can make your treatment take longer so why not get a 15minute fungal test and get your treatment started right away.

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