Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding your podiatry experience

Podiatry is a field of healthcare devoted to the study and treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, knee, leg and hip, collectively known as the lower extremity.

A podiatrist is a medical specialist who aims to improve the mobility, independence and quality of life for their patients. Podiatrists provide medical diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and lower limb problems in adults and children, such as bunions, heel pain, infections, neuromas, ingrown toenails, warts, corns and calluses. A podiatrist also provides rehab care of ligament sprains, muscle strains and tendon injuries.

Upon your arrival, you will receive a warm welcome from our front-of-house team. During this initial interaction, we will confirm the details of your appointment and facilitate the payment process. Subsequently, we kindly ask you to take a seat in our waiting area, where you are welcome to enjoy a cup of herbal tea or peruse the available reading materials. When your scheduled appointment time arrives, we will escort you to the designated treatment room, where your consultation will commence.

For skin and nails- A dermatological examination whereby the practitioner will look, feel and report back on the findings

For sport or spontaneous pain- A biomechanical examination will be performed which might require a pair of shorts. You will be asked to walk and run to obtain a gait analysis. Joints will be moved, angles will be measured.

Depending on your treatment booked we have appointments ranging from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.
  • If you are a sportsman or coming for general ankle, knee or hip pain please wear a pair of shorts 
  • If your complaint is related to walking or running please bring along your running shoes. 
  • If you have a nail condition, please remove gel or nail polish
  • Make a list of all your chronic medication.
  • Bring along any recent medical reports, Xrays or blood tests.
  • Diabetics to check sugar the morning before their appointment (before breakfast).
  • Check with your medical aid if you have adequate medical savings. 

Podiatry assessments are not painful unless you have sustained an injury. Should you require a procedure, another appointment will be booked to allow you to prep for it.

You are charged according to what treatment you require and realistically how long the treatment will take.
It’s important to note that certain medical insurance plans may cover the cost of your podiatry consultation. However, in order to confirm your eligibility for such benefits, we recommend reaching out to your insurance provider directly. They can provide you with the specific details and guidelines for reimbursement related to podiatry services

Yes, we accept Debit / Credit card and EFT.

Yes, all items are cash sales and medical aid does not cover this. 
Bunion splints (R500 a pair), Fungisolve (R250), Diabetic socks (R120 a pair), Post nail surgery packs (R250)
Yes, Our cancellation policy stipulates that a minimum of 24 hours’ notice is necessary for any appointment changes or cancellations to avoid incurring a cancellation fee equal to the full cost of the booked treatment. If you provide notice within the 24-hour window, we will gladly arrange a refund or reschedule your appointment without any loss of the prepaid amount. Additionally, please be aware that appointment reminders are sent exclusively via confirmation emails at the time of booking. Patients arriving more than 10 minutes late for their scheduled appointments may risk not being seen, and a charge for the intended treatment will still be applied.
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