The Foot Fixer London

HCPC: CH036459 and IOCP: M2128

The Foot Fixer London is a podiatry practice located in the Fix in the heart of East Village E20.

Our aim is to provide optimal foot and lower limb health care in a friendly, professional environment.

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About Us

The Foot Fixer™

Our podiatry practice is nestled in the heart of the East Village, a vibrant and charming neighborhood known for its beautiful community and parks.
Located in this idyllic setting at Fix, we are committed to providing top-notch foot and ankle care to our
community members.

As an active practitioner, her experience in the assessment and treatment of multiple lower limb disorders has increased significantly. Striving to put in all efforts to ensure every patient is treated with utmost respect and walks out pain free.

Foot Fixing Magic!

What We Do

The Journey

Upon completion of her BTech, Premishka was selected to be a part-time Clinician at the University of Johannesburg. She is passionate about lending a helping hand to anyone who requires it, and all with a smile on her face.

Furthermore, being apart of a strong multitalented team, she is well-versed and regularly exposed to various other disciplines outside of the focused podiatry lens. Working alongside other professionals in the medical field, has enriched her knowledge, illuminating her to unfold new unique skills related to podiatry and its peripheral areas.

Please Note: Cancellation Policy

All fees are to be paid in full when making the appointment. Should you cancel with 24 hours’ notice we can reschedule your appointment or alternatively refund you. If you do not inform us within 24 hours, a full treatment fee will be charged

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